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PeriSpoor allows you to track consignments in transit. It is designed to be simple, fast and beautiful.

Being able to digitally analyse the flow of consignments, allows you to identify operational inefficiencies. At the same time, you increase worker productivity: your employees don’t have to keep on requesting and sending out the same status messages over and over.

And most importantly, you are also adding much sought for visibility for your customers – who can now get the information they seek at any time and at any place.


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If you want to have a simple, quick and beautiful way of being able to track consignments and to show the information to your customers, then our Basic configuration is what you are looking for.

This will give you access to our PeriSpoor branded web-platform as well as native Android & iOS Apps to track your consignments, the possibility to enter shipping data manually, API pull access, periodic updates and you can choose to buy or lease our GPS trackers.

Leasing our GPS trackers will have the lowest entry cost and you can pay on a monthly, or on a yearly basis at a discount.

Our Standard configuration will cost you a bit more and will let you customize PeriSpoor with your logo, have an Excel data upload functionality for the shipping data, use your own GPS trackers and have integrated ocean tracking on vessel level.

If you want to go all the way, then with our Full configuration we will integrate PeriSpoor with your TMS or other systems, customize the functionalities as per your needs and you get Air tracking and Ocean tracking on the container level. 


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There are 2 ways to access PeriSpoor, depending on the configuration you choose.

In the Basic configuration, you can track your consignments with a tracking ID, like modern courier companies. Everyone in possession of that ID can track it – no login required.

In the Standard and the Full configuration, additionally to the tracking ID method, you will also get a complete user management module. We authenticate the users with the secret token method (Auth0), which is not only super secure but also lets the user authenticate himself with social media networks like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

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Depending on the configuration you choose, there are 3 ways to get consignment data into PeriSpoor:


> Manual Data Entry

You enter your consignment data directly into the PeriSpoor database, just as you would fill out an excel sheet.


> Excel Upload

After configuring the upload parameters, you upload your excel packing lists for the respective consignments.


> Integration with API

After configuring the API, PeriSpoor and your system can communicate to fetch your consignment data. PeriSpoor will also respond with GPS or any other available information, should that be required. To make it all work, we need your API Documentation of the system where you have your shipping data. We can cover most protocols and prefer REST API (JSON/XML).


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Our SIM cards have near worldwide coverage (over 197 countires). Make sure you specify the place you intend to use PeriSpoor, so that we can ensure you have full coverage in your area of operation.


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While it is indeed true that some network providers are shutting down their 2G networks, the rise of M2M and IoT has revived the 2G sector – it has become a reason not to switch those networks off. The way it looks now, it is actually more likely for 3G to go before.

The low bandwidth/ low power potential of the older 2G networks have proven to be a valuable, stable, ubiquitous and cost-effective method of moving the small packets of data from M2M and IoT devices around the world.

Adopting to the changes in demand, many providers have been quick to negotiate extensive roaming agreements and make generous offers for the usage of their 2G networks. Nowadays, most network providers are not planning on making any significant changes until well into the next decade.

Nevertheless, new technology adoption is growing fast, and we are keeping a close eye on the roll outs of LTE-M and NB-IoT networks. For now however, 2G is safe for at least another 10 years.

Some of our other customers let the trucker remove the GPS Tracker after the consignment was delivered and then return it to them with the physical POD for him to then get paid. Other methods include having a larger pool of GPS trackers and repositioning them on a regular basis or even the use of one-way GPS trackers (avoid this unecological solution if you can).


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Yes! We are a software first company, so if you chose the Standard or Full configuration, we can integrate any standard GPS Tracker. You can send us the details on the tracker you want us to integrate for you. Or you can just let us know what you need, and we can find the right tracker for you.

Our SIM cards are also available in all sizes, so if you have your own GPS trackers, we can still offer that service to you.

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Absolutely! Chose the Standard or the Full configuration and we will integrate the GPS Signal from your fleet management solution into PeriSpoor for you and your customers to take full advantage of a visible supply chain in real time.


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Yes, that is possible! We have an alert function in PeriSpoor to do exactly that. Depending on the use case you present us and / or the GPS tracker you want to use, we can monitor various aspects of the consignments in transit.

For example, one of our customers uses PeriSpoor to avoid having to use expensive pilot vehicles for convoys, by remotely monitoring the speed with which the tracked vehicles drive. Or you can get alerts when there is a likely collision, based on the G-Force sensor in our GPS tracker or the sudden loss of speed.


There are many different possibilities and we are excited to hear your requirements and to build a solution around them – get in touch

It absolutely can! One of the main motivations for all we do here at PeriPlus is to relieve you from repetitive and boring work.

Additionally to the GPS positions, we can offer the integration of vessel position data on either the vessel or even the container basis. You can then provide your customers with a login to PeriSpoor (web or App) and they can pull the information they want, instead of you having to push it to them.


You don't have to send the same messages over and over, and at the same time your customers can get to their information whenever, wherever. Hurray!


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